Lisa Bliss

Lisa has been drawing animals since she was a teenager, so it was natural that once she graduated from Norwich University College of the Arts with a degree in textiles, wildlife would play a large part in her work. Much of Lisa's inspiration comes from natural history, and the intricate illustrations found in old books. She is also a fan of William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, and admires the way contemporary designer Orla Kiely combines bold patterns with a retro colour palette. 

She can often be found sketching in the natural history section of museums, and many of her designs feature woodland animals. She also loves to work in a large scale, as it allows her to really define the detail in the printing. Her favourite piece is the fox wallpaper, in the original French grey colour, as it was the first piece that confirmed she wanted to design wallpapers, and the striking colour combination of grey and orange really got her products noticed. 

One of her early ambitions was to be a vet, and the dog is her favourite animal. Although she doesn't own up to a preference over breeds, it may well be the dachshund, as she has produced a wonderfully whimsical collection of mugs and cushions featuring them!